Janus silk/wool wraparound for newborns

Easy to put on (Even for new dads with big, nervous hands)

Gentle on young skin (No nasty dyes or chemicals to upset new baby skin)

Unisex. You can pass down to brothers or/and sisters.

You can machine wash them on 40*c. (Very handy)

Joha Baby Ivory Thermal Merino Wool Romper/ UNISEX


Lovely and soft on babies skin (No itching).

Great to use as sleep suit as it's not too thick

(plus covers cold feet) but equally good as a cosy under-layer.

The romper has popper fastenings at the front and around the legs for easy changing.

The trouser cuffs are cleverly designed so that cold babies feet can be covered when necessary.

Wool bibs

Do you have slobber? Of course you do.

Wool absorbs one-third of its own weight in liquid

and therefore wool bibs stay dryer longer. Easy machine wash at 40ºc too.

Joha wool booties

They look cute, they stay on, they keep warm and they last. 

Enough said. 

Nursing pads in wool

Okay, this in an odd one but stay with us. As motioned wool

has antibacterial properties it also absorbs liquids, almost

one-third of its own weight in fact.

Wool breast pads can prevent infections when breastfeeding

and are a must have for many breastfeeding Scandinavian mums.

Wool socks with grips

Toddlers fall, a lot ... Grips on socks prevents this (to a large extent!)

and wool is the best material for dry, warm feet.