The Marius Jumper



Designed in 1953 by Norwegian knitwear designer Unn Søiland. Today, 60 years later, the design is the most sold and knitted pattern in the world and regarded as the Norwegian National sweater, a Scandinavian icon. 



The Marius has done a masive comeback the last ten years and has become a loved item amongst the modern Scandi family. Nostalgia and tradition has become a trend alongside handcraft and eco friendly items that last and can be handed down in generations. Kid Nordic likes this etos and would like to help spread it.

Get yours.

We only have a few Marius jumpers ready to go, but fret not, we have a "made to order" policy which makes it possible for you to order any kids size and colour combo you fancy. 

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Does wool improve sleep quality? (or are we pushing the wool thing a bit too far now...)

  1. The use of a fleecy wool underlay enabled sleeper to be more 'settled' and improved their assessment of sleep quality.
  2. Sleepers preferred wool blankets (when compared with cotton /acrylic blends) for their temperature regulation properties.
  3. Wool sheepskin underlay was shown to be better at diffusing pressure points when compared with cotton sheets
  4. The use of wool-on sheepskin as underlay more then halved the incidence of lower back pressure ulcers
  5. The rate of weight gain in underweight newborns was 61% higher when sleeping on a wool underlay compared to cotton sheets
  6. The incidence of allergies to wool are described in the scientific literature as 'uncommon' or 'rare'

Kid Nordic recommends 


Studies suggest that sleep quality improves when sleeping on or under wool . This appears to be related to wool's unique temperature and moisture management properties, and texture.

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Layering during the winter month

Kid Nordic highly recommend layering during our coldest month and merino wool is a great way of making it  comfortable and effective without weighing down your little ones.  

  • Warm and breathable.
  • Fine knit to stay close to the skin.
  • Natural with no chemical finishing - 100% skin-friendly

Merino Wool Short-Sleeved body 

In fine-knit Merino wool, these round-necked vests will keep your child warm whatever they're up to.

Why you should think about what you put on you little ones 

Organic wool or bamboo next to your babies skin is a great idea.

Organic wool or bamboo next to your babies skin is a great idea.

  • Our skin is the largest organ of elimination and absorption—what goes ON the skin goes IN the body.
  • When toxins are absorbed through babies skin, they are taken-up by the lymphatic system, then into the blood stream and eventually the liver—the chemical-processing plant of the body responsible for removing toxins;
  • The more synthetic clothing we wear, the greater our risk of absorbing toxic chemicals that can precipitate health conditions most often not attributed to synthetic fibers and chemical dyes