We are strong believers in it.


Not only is wool natural, breathable and warm but it also has the ability to regulate heat! Ergo, it can be used during the summer months. Wool contains lanolin, a natural wax that has been used by humans for hundreds of year in beautification and treatment of skin. Lanolin has natural waterproof and antibacterialproperties. Handy!

100% wool clothing does not need frequent washing, this may sound strange, but because of its natural antibacterial substance, this really works! But fret not, we know how babies work, and 90% of Kid Nordics products are machine washable. Hurrah!



Call us crazy, but we believe that same colours can be worn by boys and girls, so do not get confused if you can't find a pink girl section. We even think that tights can be worn by little boys! I know, controversial..